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EmployMeGulf (EmployMeGulf.com) is a private company with experienced employment specialists, information technology professionals, and customer support personnel who facilitate matching expat workers with relocation jobs in the prosperous Gulf States of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The mission of EmployMeGulf is to provide our clients with the best opportunities to work in The Gulf region as quickly and easily as possible using our information technology resources.

This starts with an Employment Profile Review conducted by one of our experienced Career Advisers, who will evaluate your CV/resume and relevant details that you will enter in your EmployMeGulf.com online profile.

Your Employment Profile Review will inform you if you are eligible to apply for relocation jobs in one or more of the six Gulf States. The Career Adviser who is assigned to you will also call you to discuss your evaluation and any steps you could take to enhance your online profile and potential to find employment in The Gulf.

Eligible clients will have the opportunity to use the EmployMeGulf.com online platform as a helpful tool to seek and apply for relocation jobs in the Gulf States.

Simply enter information about what type of relocation jobs you are looking for; how much money you would like to earn; where you prefer to work in The Gulf; and other relevant details. You can also upload supporting documents to your online profile.

You will then start receiving emails with advertisements for relocation job openings in the Gulf State(s) that you selected in your online profile. Please note that it takes a lot of effort to find relocation jobs in The Gulf that match an individual’s profile, so your patience is appreciated. 

It is your responsibility to apply for as many relocation jobs in The Gulf as possible in order to maximize your employment potential. The EmployMeGulf.com online platform provides you with a convenient tool to simplify the process of applying for relocation jobs directly on the employer’s website or on other websites where jobs may be posted. 

In short, EmployMeGulf.com can provide you with personalized professional support and technological tools to help make seeking and applying for relocation jobs in the Gulf States as easy as possible!

Foreign workers are needed for a variety of jobs in The Gulf region, including the construction, education, finance, healthcare, hospitality, information technology, oil & gas, retail and other business sectors.

After a foreign worker accepts an offer of employment in a particular Gulf country, the employer will file the application(s) for the relevant entry permit, work permit/visa, or residence visa. The sponsoring employer will also generally take care of certain living expenses on behalf of the foreign worker they are hiring (such as travel, housing, healthcare insurance, etc.), but this will depend on what is required by law in the particular country and what is specified in the written employment contract. 

Thus, the most important thing that the foreign worker needs to do is to find an appropriate job in The Gulf country where their occupation and skills are needed. This is a key part of the process, not only because a sponsoring employer can offer an expat worker employment in The Gulf, but also since a sponsoring employer does so much on behalf of the foreign worker.

This is where the employment and technology specialists at EmployMeGulf can help!

We will help to match you with the perfect job in The Gulf region; you and the potential employer(s) will make the final decision about employment (e.g., salary, benefits, start date, etc.); your sponsoring employer will then file the application(s) for the relevant permit or visa; and after you are approved, you will relocate to the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, or Oman to start working at your new job!

If you are searching for your dream job in the Gulf States, the EmployMeGulf team is ready to help make your dream come true!

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Why Choose EmployMeGulf?

Why should you choose the professional services of EmployMeGulf?

The answer is simple: EmployMeGulf takes the work out of finding relocation jobs in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

EmployMeGulf.com specializes in bringing job seekers who want to work in The Gulf together with employers who are searching for qualified workers to fill open jobs in the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, or Oman.

Our trained professionals have many years of experience in assisting talented individuals like you who have a lot to offer an employer and who also desire better opportunities in life.

With our convenient online platform, seeking relocation jobs in The Gulf has never been easier.

The EmployMeGulf.com database has access to thousands of jobs in the Gulf States in many business sectors and it is updated on a regular basis with new relocation job postings.

Simply complete your online profile on the EmployMeGulf online platform and our experienced team and sophisticated technology will do all the hard work.

First, you will receive an Employment Profile Review from one of our EmployMeGulf Career Advisers after you complete your online profile and submit your details for evaluation. Your Employment Profile Review will let you know if and where you are eligible to apply for relocation jobs in the Gulf States. Your personal Career Adviser will also call you to discuss your evaluation and the optimal steps moving forward.

Second, if you are evaluated as eligible to apply for jobs in The Gulf, you will have the opportunity to use our EmployMeGulf.com online platform to conveniently seek employment in the Gulf States.  

You will soon start receiving postings for relocation jobs in the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, or Oman (whichever Gulf region countries you selected).

It is your decision which Gulf job opportunities to apply for and the application process is facilitated by the EmployMeGulf platform. Keep in mind that the more jobs in The Gulf you apply for, the greater your potential for receiving an offer of employment.

There is no need for you to waste hours of your time searching for jobs in The Gulf, when EmployMeGulf can expedite the process for you.

If your dream is to work in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, or the UAE as soon as possible, let the specialists at EmployMeGulf help to make your dreams become a reality!

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The EmployMeGulf company and EmployMeGulf.com website is not an employment agency nor a law firm nor an agency of any government and does not and cannot guarantee that you or any client of the EmployMeGulf company will find a particular job or receive a specific salary or any other benefits. You and/or EmployMeGulf clients are advised not to quit your job, sell your home or take any similar kinds of actions until you have confirmation in writing that you are hired for a job in the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, or Oman AND that your entry permit, work visa and/or residence visa (as relevant for the country where you will be living and working in The Gulf) has been approved. Please note that EmployMeGulf does not and cannot issue any type of permit or visa or other official document, nor does EmployMeGulf provide advice or assistance related to applying for an entry permit, work permit/visa, residence visa or other official document (i.e., other than general information about the process).